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Mini joysticks manufacturers
Dongguan Kaihua Electronics Co., Ltd (originally named Longhua Electronics ) was founded in 1990. Specialized in R&D, manufacturing and marketing of precision electronics, switches, jacks, digital encoders, connectors and other electronic parts. Mainly applies all kinds of electronic parts in different fields, such as communication products, portable products, computer peripherals, household electrical appliances, measuring instruments, medical equipments, automotive electronics, audio and video systems, gaming products, smart control system, digital camera, notebook computer and so on.

Kaihua Electronics was founded in the East and South of China, with continuous developing and growing, it owns three manufacturing bases in Guangdong, Hunan, Shanghai, and business center in Shanghai, Suzhou, Dongguan, Shenzhen. In 2015, Dongguan factory was enlarged to more than 30000 square meters and with more than 2000 employees. The company fixed assets investment is up to 98 million RMB, annual sales quantity reached 800 million units. We not only focus on domestic market, but also exports to Europe, North America, India, Russia, Middle East and other regions. Some of the world's famous companies have adopted Kailh’s products such as Logitech, RAPOO , Vapor, Ione , Panasonic, Samsung, DELL, HP, BenQ, SONY, Delux, Luxshare, Lenovo and so on.

Our History
Longhua Electronics opened in Zhejiang Province
Longhua Electronics factory was established in Yueqing City Zhejiang Province in May 1990.

Established Dongguan Longhua Electronics
Dongguan Longhua Electronics was established in October 1998.

Established Kaihua Electronics
Dongguan Kaihua Electronics was established in June 2005.

Devote to precision electronics parts production
Concentrate on precision manufacturing for different industry, and founded Shanghai Baiying Electronics in December 2008.

Enlarged production line
Expand the product line and breakthrough technical difficulty on mechanical keyboard switch in January 2009.
Devote to precision

Rated as national high technology enterprise
Rated as national high technology enterprise in 2011.

Issued the first global side lighting RGB key switch
The first global lighting RGB key switch is issued, with both central lighting and side lighting.
Rated as national high

Set up automatic lines mainly for mechanical keyboard switch production
Successfully established automatic production lines for mechanical keyboard switch and put into operation in 2013.

Released 30 million cycles high life micro switch
Released 30 million cycles high life micro switch with IP67 waterproof protection.

Launched first global dustproof mechanical keyboard switch
The first global dustproof mechanical keyboard switch and 1 million cycles mouse rotary encoder was launched.

Marching in the gaming industry.
The joystick parts, the 50million life cycles micro switch, and waterproof tact switch is promoted.
BOX switch and Chocolate switch is released.
They are mechanical keyboard switches with new function and structure, with ultrathin and waterproof function.
Mini joysticks manufacturers
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